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Meadowbrook High School's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Meadowbrook High School

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Silence is Golden, but can also be Deadly [13 Jul 2004|04:37pm]

[ mood | amused ]

It's kind of hard for me to imagine that the last post here was made....alittle less then two years ago?!! With my last four years at Meadowbrook, I had the image that everyone was alittle bit more talkative then this, but perhaps I could be mistaken? lol. Well, even though I've graduated, there has to be some of you starting school next month....anyone?

Peace and Love,
-The Forgotten Poet

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Wooo [22 Aug 2002|12:27pm]
[ mood | nervous ]

Well.. I got my schedule ... Home room 107... Locker #121...

1.Phys. Ed - Mr. Roller
2. Spanish I - Smith.
3. Advanced English - Ms. Owens
4 & 5. Advanced Global Studies... Mr.Leger
6. Lunch
7. Study Hall
8. Algebra II - Mrs. Vanhorn.

Yep =) So.. I have gym first period.. Agh =( 2nd year in a row.. It sucks.. Emily is the only person I know of so far that I have it with..=( I can't wait until like.. English and Spanish.. Yay.... I'm gonna get lost I know it. GAHD... and my locker is like... 4 miles away from my homeroom.. and I have to ride the bus.. b-o-o..h-o-o.. Go Colts.. lol

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[26 Jun 2002|10:56pm]
how was everyone's year?

what are you doing this summer?
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[19 Apr 2002|02:23pm]
ok so it's kinda dead in here.

i was sitting in linguistics today trying to explain to a friend where the hell byesville is. so she gets the basic location. but as soon as i say the word byesville two girls in front of me turn around and stare. i'm like uh hi? one says "you're from byesville?" me: "yeah." her: "did you go to meadowbrook?" me: "yeah." then both of them say, "wow, we're from cambridge!!" it was weird b/c it's such a small place... and for them to be sitting right in front of me in my class, not to mention in a class with only about 20 people. so it was kinda cool... ok i'm out.
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woot woot! [12 Apr 2002|10:05pm]
dunno if this is any relevance to MHS but cambridge beat john glenn in varsity softball. down with randy larrick. :) "go baby GO!" hehe
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heeey! =] [05 Apr 2002|11:43am]

[ mood | tired ]

hey... well im not officially in the high school.. but all this week we have been scheduling for freshman year!! =] ahh scary!!! it's gonna be hard! i'm taking the "college prep path" so.. yea... mm that's about it!! just thought i'd join and say hey!

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To whom it may concern: [26 Mar 2002|11:21am]

Some of you may already be registered to vote, but for those of you who aren't I urge you to register! By registering you will be able to vote for the passage of the levy that Rolling Hills has on the May primary ballot. If you are away at college, like myself, you should try to register sometime this weekend while you are home for Easter. It's a simple process that should only take a few minutes of your time. Also, make sure you request an absentee ballot if you are not going to be in Guernsey County for the May 7th elections. The absentee ballot can be mailed to your house 30 days prior to the election and you can send it in whenever you are home to complete. I'm sure that it has certain deadlines, etc. but it shouldn't be a difficult procedure. With your help and the help of other former Meadowbrook students we can pass the levy and keep our former school district financially secure.

If you have any questions please post a comment or e-mail me at johnny_bravo311@hotmail.com. Also, try to spread the word among our former classmates and other people in the community.

Thanks alot...

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i heart mhs... [25 Mar 2002|12:44pm]
[ mood | excited ]

weee!!!! a new community for me to join! fun stuff. thanks kathy!

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